Since taking office in 2017, RepRabb has introduced key legislation, taking the lead on important issues impacting the 200th legislative district and the commonwealth.

RepRabb has been a strong supporter of workers’ rights, himself helping to unionize 1,500 adjunct professors at Temple University where for 4 years he taught a course on socially responsible business based on his ground-breaking book, Invisible Capital: How Unseen Forces Shape Entrepreneurial Opportunity (2010).  

Bills Enacted Into Law

First Chance Trust Fund – Innovative, first in the nation law that creates a fund to provide educational scholarships and grants for third parties offering support services to youth in communities with the highest rates of incarceration around the state, funded through a one percent tax on contracts issued through the Department of Corrections in excess of $5 million, as well as through private donations.

Pediatric Cancer Research – Successful, bipartisan amendment to this bill has led to a law that now removes the $5 cap for Pennsylvanians to choose to give as much as they like on their state personal income tax forms.

Expansion of Loans for Microenterprises – Successful, bipartisan amendment to HB 584 expanding eligibility to program to include Pennsylvania-based single-member limited liability companies and worker-owned cooperatives.

Bills & Resolutions Sponsored by Representative Rabb

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Bill abolishing the death penalty;

  • Bill lowering the maximum sentence of a misdemeanor of the third degree.

Government Accountability and Reform

  • Bill requiring PA to commit to 100% renewable energy by 2050;

  • Mandatory Budget Impasse Transparency & Accountability Act, requiring daily budget hearings and attendance by members of the executive and legislative branches to prevent further costly budget impasses;

  • A resolution urging the U.S. Congress to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act to separate commercial and investment banking functions, and to return to national public banking policies.

Public, Community and Consumer Safety

  • Bill prohibiting concealed carry while intoxicated;

  • Bill prohibiting concealed carry at polling places;

  • Bill to make automatic renewal provisions in consumer contracts;

  • The Police and Community Safety Act, in effect making Pennsylvania a sanctuary commonwealth.

Election Reform

  • Omnibus Voting and Elections bill, authorizing universal automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, early voting and pre-registration of 16 & 17 year olds;

  • Bill developing a pilot program to evaluate the efficacy of electronic collection of signatures for candidate nomination petitions;

  • A resolution urging PA to join a compact of states to elect the President by the national popular vote;

  • Bill to create special election reform by creating new candidacy and political party requirements that promote transparency, voter education, and inclusion;

  • Bill to create special election reform that fines incumbents forced to vacate their seats due to felony conviction or plea deal;

  • Bill to require the PA Commission on Sentencing to produce demographic impact reports for any legislative measure that would amend the Crimes Code or Judicial Code;

  • Discharge resolution to consider minimum wage increase bill;

  • Fair Share Tax Plan bill to divide the state’s personal income tax into a tax on wages and interest and a tax on income from wealth;

Public health and related reforms

  • Reproductive Health Equity Act, providing women access to a full range or preventive and reproductive health services inclusive of abortion coverage and explicitly prohibiting discrimination against undocumented and trans-women;

  • Resolution urging Congress to extend TPS status for PA immigrants from Haiti & other nations;

  • Bill creating a tax credit for developers to build passive houses in low financial wealth neighborhoods.

Events Hosted

—Inaugural community event at a local mosque;

—Grown Folks Fall Festival (senior fair);

—Three town hall meetings;

—Back-to-school supply drive;

--Summer kick-off for youth;

—Paper shredding events;

—Policy hearing on universal basic income, carbon fee & dividend and sentencing & prison/sentencing reform;

—Opened two satellite offices where food is provided for the hungry.

Joined as a plaintiff against the PA Department of State in the Commonwealth Court in favor of reestablishing fusion voting in 2016.