My Track Record

RepRabb was sworn into office in January of 2017, joining the smallest House Democratic Caucus in 60 years in a state legislature dominated by right-wing Republicans.

He has been a uniquely successful legislator despite the hyper-partisanship of Harrisburg, getting seven pieces of legislation enacted in his first seven years.

Bills and Amendments Passed.

First Chance Trust Fund (2017) – First in the nation law that creates a fund to provide educational scholarships and grants for third parties offering support services to youth in communities with the highest rates of incarceration around the state, funded through a one percent tax on contracts issued through the Department of Corrections in excess of $5 million, as well as through private donations.

Pediatric Cancer Research (2017) – Removes the $5 cap for Pennsylvanians to choose to give as much as they like on their state personal income tax forms.

Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (2019) –  Establishes a state-level grant program to encourage farming of high-priority crops, most notably hemp, honey, hops and hardwood that aren’t eligible for federal grant programs, but still provide significant value to our state. 

Prohibiting law enforcement from engaging in sexual activity while on duty (2020) - Applies institutional sexual assault to police officers.

State Inter-departmental Law Enforcement Misconduct (SILEM) Database (2020) - Originally introduced in 2018, this legislation was inspired by the tragic killing of Tamir Rice (and subsequent victims of police violence in Pennsylvania). This new state law established a database to document and monitor applicants for jobs in law enforcement agencies to ensure that individuals 

Expansion of Loans for Microenterprises (2021) – Creates the Microenterprise Loan Program, expanding eligibility to include Pennsylvania-based single-member limited liability companies and worker-owned cooperatives.

Improving the SILEM Database (2023) - Adds substantial improvements to the 2020 SILEM bill, penalizing law enforcement agencies that refuse to comply and requiring all misconduct findings to be reported.

Resolutions Passed
  • Honoring the Life and Legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King III (2017)

  • Recognizing the 500th Anniversary of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (2018)

  • Recognizing the 150th Anniversary of the 15th Amendment (2020)

  • Honoring the Life and Legacy of Noel Ignatiev (2020)

  • Recognizing the Life and Legacy of Octavius Valentine Catto (2020)

Select Bills & Resolutions Authored by RepRabb.
  • Abolishing the death penalty

  • Requiring PA to commit to 100% renewable energy by 2050

  • Authorizing universal automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, special election reform, early voting, pre-registration of 16 and 17 year olds, and a National Popular Vote bypassing the Electoral College

  • Fair Share Tax Plan bill to divide the state’s personal income tax into a tax on wages and interest and a tax on income from wealth

  • Protecting unimpaired medical cannabis patients from wrongful DUI convictions

  • Protecting employees from being fired for being medical cannabis patients 

  • Establishing Indigenous Peoples Day and banning racist mascots

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